funds management information system (fmis)

Dated 30-06-17---URGENT:- As GST is applicable from 1.7.2017 ,the drawing limit of all pending tokens are being released today. DDOs are requested to ensure that cheques of all these payments are issued today positively.

          Dated 21-06-2017 :---To avoid bank charges on a/c of non-home branch, all the DDOs outside Patiala are requested to send the details of bank branches, from where they operate their bank a/cs, at as under, so that AO/Banking Drawing, PTA/Bank is able to take necessary action:    *Note: The above information must be sent by 23-06-2017


Bank name

Br. Code

Br. name & address


Dated 12-06-2017:- List A   List B

1)   Offices as per list A have submitted U-Cheque for ED DSSF and IDF to LC-802 AO Banking Drawing. As compared to annual account the total amount of  ED DSSF and IDF are not in the ratio of 8:5:5, due to which U-Cheques are not accepted by this office. Therefore it is requested to depute concerned Suptd./ Accountant to get rectified the error if any, so that U-Cheque can be accepted.

2)   Offices as per list B attached have not issued the U-Cheque of ED DSSF and IDF. Before issuing U-Cheque it should also be ensured that the amount of ED DSSF and IDF has been divided proportionately in the ratio 8:5:5.


Dated 05-06-2017:- As per memo no. 1193/1893 dt. 1.6.2017 of Dy. C.A.O./ Centra-lized Payments, with reference to Accounts circular 19/2016 and 3/2017 the drawing limit for commuted pension and gratuity will not be raised in FMIS anymore, it will be issued online in "Other Payments Package" of PSPCL
by the office of AO/Pension Audit, PSPCL Patiala w.e.f. 5.6.2017.

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